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 1st Grade - 9th Grades in FALL 2018


BDCE Video / Camp Highlights


Best Camp for Kids/Youth/Young Adults-Best price for Parents! SPACE IS LIMITED BASIS:

Campers K-6th Grades in Fall 2018

LIT / Leader in Training 7th - 9th Grades in Fall 2018

CIT /Counselor in Training 10th -12th Grades Fall 2018 (Ask how you can Volunteer)


Grab a friend and join our Summer of fun!  Making new friends, building fun Positive Memories in a safe environment.  Make SUMMER 2018 the BEST SUMMER EVER!...  This is a travel camp that will travel to Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor Every day ALL SUMMER LONG. WOW… FUN IN THE SUN!  10 Weekly Sessions one low price!  ALL 10 weeks, 4 easy Payments or Pay weekly $98.00 a week. After your Registrations fee.


Indoor Air Conditioned space for board games, Arts & Crafts, hang out, cards, and relaxation most days. If your child is not a swimmer or like rides that is ok. We will work with them on other activities. 


This camp is designed to teach independence and responsibility.  Camp allows child choice and freedom while in a SAFE Supervised Fun Environment.  Camp uses the Buddy / Check-in Systems. Staff  are stationed and roaming through-out the park with the buddy groups.  LIT & CIT's are also learning how to take on Responsibilities while helping the younger Campers.  Together everyone learns how to be a team.


CAMP START& END DATES VARIES BY LOCATION BELOW. CDCUSA is a 501(C) 3 Non Profit. Camps open at 8:00 am and Closes at 6:00 pm pick up and drop off times are not exact due to traffic.


Download Registration Forms Here:

Enrollment Form/Health History Form 2018.pdf

Enrollment Form/Camper CODE OF CONDUCT 2018.pdf

Enrollment Form/CDCUSA Waiver.pdf

Enrollment Form/Medication Form.pdf




Come meet Camp Staff, meet other Parents, turn in last minute paperwork, meet other kids in the Camps, Learn any last minute information.  Attendance Optional but encouraged!

Canyon Country / Saugus– TBA

Valencia-Newhall- Center Point- TBA






Monday–Wednesday–Friday - Camps will travel to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor WATER PARK https://www.sixflags.com/hurricaneharborla


Tue – Thursday - Camps will travel Six Flags Magic Mountain. AMUSEMENT PARK https://www.sixflags.com/magicmountain


EXTREME HEAT DAYS!!!!  100 Degrees/higher -  YOUR CHILD MAY CHOOSE TO ATTEND THE WATER PARK!!! (Child Choice) Staff will be present at both parks on these days. Tue/Thurs.


We have 5 Convenient Locations in the Santa Clarita Valley & Castaic for Parent pick up - drop off.  Or Drop off/pick up Directly at Six Flags. Camps runs RAIN OR SHINE!


Parents can pick up and drop off directly at Six Flags Drop off Center Available for all of Programs 9:00 am-5:30 pm M-F (with out getting out of your car.)


Valencia/Newhall – CAMP FULL-Enrollment Closed the Drop off /Pick up Location-Old Orchard Park Lyons Ave Drop off-Pick up

·       Camp Opens, Staff present 8:00 am Camp Departure Time 8:30 am Camp Return Time Between 5:30 - 6:00 pm Camp Closed (time may very due to traffic)


Canyon Country – OPEN ENROLLMENT - June 18 - Aug 17, 2018 Drop off/Pick up Location–Sierra Vista Jr. High drop off -Pick up Location may change

·       Camp Opens, Staff present 8:00 am Camp Departure Time 8:30 am Camp Return Time Between 5:30 - 6:00 pm Camp Closed (time may very due to traffic)


Saugus – CAMP FULL-Enrollment Closed –  Pick up Location–Arroyo Seco Jr. High Drop Off-Pick up

·       Camp Opens, Staff present 8:00 am Camp Departure Time 9:00 am Camp Return Time Between 5:30 - 6:00 pm Camp Closed (time may very due to traffic)


Santa Clarita Center Point- CAMP FULL-Enrollment Closed -Drop off – Pick up Location-SCV Sports Complex (Ruther Ave Street)

·       Camp Opens, Staff present 8:00 am Camp Departure Time 9:00 am Camp Return Time Between 5:30 - 6:00 pm Camp Closed (time may very due to traffic)


Castaic- CAMP FULL-Enrollment Closed – Pick up Location – Live Oak Park Pick up - drop off

·       Camp Opens, Staff present 8:00 am Camp Departure Time 9:00 am Camp Return Time Between 5:30 - 6:00 pm Camp Closed (time may very due to traffic)


Camp Fees Include:


·       Daily Field Trips to Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor (Daily Rotation)

·       All Transportation (To and from above pick up locations)

·       Daily Admissions to both Theme Parks (included)

·       Daily Lunch with many restaurant options for your Child (Included)

·       Daily Snacks including, Apples, Oranges', Ice creams, Pickles, Churros, etc. (Included)

·       A Souvenir Sports Bottle for FREE refills all summer long (Included)


Through our proven programs your child will learn:

·       Self-Esteem & Self Confidence in a Fun Environment

·       How to work with others and peers in a Fun Environment

·       Independent Decision making skills in a Fun Environment

·       How to value others and their opinions in a Fun Environment

·       Free Choice (Child Choice) making skills in a Fun Environment

      In today's world we need to make time for our youth to learn life skills outside of school.  Check out Bamm's learn to cook day.  He made a video learning how to use the Stove, Sharp objects and how to make some fun easy meals.  (UNDER PARENT SUPERVISION).  You too can teach your child some at home skills this summer. Thank you to BAMM & family for sharing your cooking skills with us. Check him out here!

Our Day Camp Teaches & uses the Six Pillars of Character Daily:


·       RESPECT


·       HONESTY

·       FAIRNESS

·       CARING



The Six Pillars of Character is a framework for teaching good character and is composed of six ethical values (characteristics) everyone can agree upon: Trustworthiness; Respect; Responsibility; Fairness; Caring; and Citizenship. Each of the six character traits are used within our CHARACTER COUNTS! program to help instill a positive learning environment for students and a “culture of kindness” making schools a safe environment for students to learn. The Six Pillars of Character values are not political, religious, or culturally biased. In fact, every year since 1995 our program has been officially recognized and endorsed by the U.S. Senate and The President of the United States.

See more at https://charactercounts.org/program-overview/six-pillars


Child Safety Standards & Staff:

·       Certified Lifeguards are present in all Aquatic Activities

·       Staff are Certified by the CDCUSA and the American Red Cross

·       All CDCUSA Drivers meet the CA. DMV Driving License Standards

·       Additional Staff are American Red Cross Lifeguard – First Aid/CPR Certified. For more information www.redcross.org




Authorization & Acknowledgement Form REQUIRED.  All YOUTH sign them self in and out of camp each day as they arrive and depart camp.  With that said upon request Parents have the option to sign their child in and out of camp each day. See Acknowledgement Form for more details (This is not required). Part of the camp learning environment is the independent process teaching your child responsibility.  While we encourage Parents to pick up and drop off their child from the pickup/drop off location it is not required. This is a travel camp. Once the bus departs there is no staff present as they leave with the trip. DON’T BE LATE.


Camp is running on the Buddy system no child will be alone and must be in a group of 3 or more size groups. Groups can change daily.  It is up to your child who they hang with during the trips. Once a group is established for that day they are required to stay with the group until check in.  Then the child has the option to change groups. Your child will check in with staff while on the trip and will not be forced to be in large groups. (Child choice) They will have the freedom using the buddy system to make choices on what rides and slides they go on.  If a child does not have a group, they will be encouraged to join a group. If they still choose not to use the buddy system, they are welcome to hang with the staff person assigned. Safety is a priority, again no child can be alone while on a trip or during camp hours. If the child demonstrates they cannot be in a group or are a behavior problem they will lose the option of free choice and will be assigned a staff member to hang with that day.  Discipline Problems will result in Suspension from camp. (NO REFUNDS for suspensions or absences due to illness or injury. All fees paid have been and used in pre-paid CDCUSA contracts. Passes, busses, employees etc.).



A code of conduct form must be signed by parent and child. Please review this form with your child. All Camp Forms Health history and other enrolment forms will be sent to parents electronically upon registration - deposit.





Six Flags - Survivor bottle (provide on fist your child attends camp)

Swimsuit, sunscreen, and towel (PARENTS apply screen at home every day before camp)

Backpack to keep belongings in

Bottle of water

Water shoes are best for Hurricane Harbor Closed toed shoes for magic mountain. Water shoes work as well. Walmart carries them

SUNSCREEN-We recommend that you apply sunscreen to your child before bringing him/her to camp as ALL of camp activities take place outdoors.  

NOTE: Camp is not responsible for any lost toys, electronic devises, phones, passes, Sports bottle, etc. (bring at own risk of being stolen or broke)




Staff are ONLY permitted to administer prescription medication only with written authorization of the parent.  Medication must be in the original bottle and turned into staff. Children are not to share any over-the-counter medication. There are no refunds for absences due to illness or injury.  Again, All fees paid have been used in pre-paid CDCUSA contracts. Passes, busses, employees etc.


Major Events, Injury, Earth Quakes or Terrorist Events in the SCV (where as transportation is not safe)


CAMP WILL STAY PUT AT the CAMP LOCATION OR MAGIC MNT. FOR ANY MAJOR EVENT.  Staff will stay with every child until they are picked up. If Freeways are closed your CHILD WILL STAY WITH STAFF After A MAJOR Event . (earthquake, terrorist event, act of nature where transportation is not safe)

For child injury (if it’s life threatening, 9-1-1 will be called first). Then we will attempt to contact the parent/guardian. If after repeated attempts (2)  We will attempt to contact any person listed on the Health History Form Emergency Contacts.




This camp is a ALL Exclusive Enrolment camp.  By reserving your child’s camp experience, you are also committing to all payments.


Deposit/Registration Fees must be made in full at the time registration. Your Deposit/registration fee is non-refundable. You may take advantage of our payment plan or parents can choose to charge the full camp fee on a Credit Card.  Then make their payment a later time. If payment is not received by the due date noted below, your deposit will be forfeited and your spot will be available to others. While we do not anticipate ALL Camps are subject to closure for lack of enrollment. Parents will be offered other locations or a FULL REFUND.


·       Camp Deposit/Registration Fee $225.00 Reserves your Childs spot for ALL Summer - 10 weeks offered.  Camps have limited space (No Refunds)

·       Fees Breakdown to a weekly rate: $98.00 per person (No Refunds) 4 easy ONLINE Payments or Weekly Payments.  Total summer camp fees are due June 5, 2018 unless you are paying the weekly payment. 

·       (NOTE) All payments MUST be made online at http://shop.cdcusa.org/Youth-Programs_c3.htm or can be received on or before June 5, 2018:


Best Day Camp Ever -SCV

25876 The Old Rd. # 10

Stevenson Ranch, CA. 91381



You may take advantage of our payment plan if you register at   http://shop.cdcusa.org/Youth-Programs_c3.htm  and by making a $225.00 non-refundable deposit per child. Then make your payments using the online payment center as you can. ALL balances are due on or before June 5, 2018. OR Pay in full via Credit Card.  NOTE: If your child has a Magic Mountain GOLD PASS you could save $100.00 let us know.


The payments are due as follows:

Deposits Due at time of Registration. $225.00 Per Child 

4 Easy Payments made at  http://shop.cdcusa.org/Youth-Programs_c3.htm   ALL Balances of camp fees are due On or before June 5, 2017.

OR Pay in full using a credit card. Financial Aid is available on a sliding scale.


Your Child will also Have Free Admission to Six Flags Magic Mountain all season including weekends, Fright Fest in October 2018 and Holiday in the Park 2018.  Your child will receive a Gold Pass with all the benefits – Parking, Lunch, Snack, Sports bottle.




1.    Go to  http://shop.cdcusa.org/Youth-Programs_c3.htm

2.    Select Your Day Camp Drop Off -Pick up Location

3.    Pay in full or make your Deposit/registration fee.  You will receive a Receipt in your Email box used. (Use Parents Name and email for Registration and Payments) Upon making your payment or deposit you will receive your Childs Enrolment Paper Work by email with other information to further the registration process.

4.    Use Email or US Mail to send-return your Childs Enrolment Paperwork to:




Best Day Camp Ever -SCV

25876 The Old Rd. # 10

Stevenson Ranch, CA. 91381



Other Questions?  Contact the Best Day Camp Ever HOTLINE /Messaging Center at 661-476-1198


OR Email us at Bestdaycampever@cdcusa.org   Due to high call volume calls- messages  may be returned the next business day.