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The Community Development Center USA is in  partnership with Local and State Agencies, County Programs, Courts, Department of Children Family Services (DCFS), Mental Health Departments, Department of Social Services (DSS)Hospitals and other Non-profit agencies to help individual understand the steps they may need in receiving help.

We also find some  individuals may be looking for help to be in compliance with programs that may be Court Ordered to attend and or participate with. We can help you be compliant while at the same time help you understand how you got in your current situation.   As a community we are working  to help individuals understand where they are in life....

 On The Road To Recovery HOMELESS PROGRAMS:

We all need come to the reality that there are homeless people in all of our communities.  Many of us want to help but don't know how.  We all need to come together and focus and put the resources together with such a force that communities address the issue with hands on and financial support. Each community is unique.

Until we ALL take our part and work on this issue we will NEVER solve the issue.  Contact us for more information and learn how your help is needed and give us your suggestions.  homeless@cdcusa.org

Feeding the homeless programs are available.  We need YOUR HELP.  Please make a contribution today and contact us for more information on how you can do more.  hungry@cdcusa.org  Follow the link above and make your DONATION Today!


Need help with Sober Living?  The CDCUSA is a Member of the LA County Sober Living Network. contact us for more information on Sober living and recovery programs.

Alcohol Anonymous Programs   - AA Support Groups  are available contact us for more information.

Recovery Programs and Support Groups  are available contact us for more information.

 On The Road To Recovery Classes and Workshops:

Ten Steps To Anger Management

Overcoming Panic Attacks

Learning To Deal With Change

Communication Skills

Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

Overcoming The Effects of Traumas and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Stress Reduction, Recognition and Causes

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The Community Development Center USA unites individuals, families, businesses and communities together for the sole purpose of achieving their fullest potential.

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