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Community Development Center USA Leadership and

CDCUSA National Board of Directors

The Community Development Center USA is managed by a small Board of Directors.  These Directors are Volunteers and receive no personal or financial gains by their participation or service. 

The CDCUSA Board of Directors supervise the operation of local CDC Branches and their Volunteer Board of Managers. Branch's are located in local communities and are operated by local leadership to meet the specific needs of that community. Contact us at:

Get Involved:

Help the CDCUSA get involved in your community.
For more details e-mail: and learn how to get started started on developing a Community Center that fits your local community needs.


Discrimination Statement: The Community Development Center USA does not discriminate due to Sex, Age, Race, Religion, or Sexual Orientation. If you are aware of any violation or discrimination against an employee or Volunteer report it today at this link or contact us at (626) 437-8683.

Positions available:

Position: [None available at this time]

Position: [None available at this time]

Employee Corner:

Policy & Procedures

Wage and Salary Policy

Sexual Harassment


Transportation Policy

OSHA Compliance

State Licensing

Credit Card Policy

Employee-Volunteer Code of Conduct

Employees Only for details on the above bullets contact the CDCUSA Plan Administrator at:


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The Community Development Center USA unites individuals, families, businesses and communities together for the sole purpose of achieving their fullest potential.

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